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FreeBelts Manufacturer Information

Product Title: 

(Full) FreeBelts - Buckle-Free Easy Comfortable Belt for Men and Women. No Buckle, No Bulge, No Hassle. Look Great and Breathe Comfortably. 

(Short) FreeBelts - Buckle-Free Easy Comfortable Belt. No Bulge, No Hassle. Unisex.


Product Dimensions: 

- 1.4 inches wide
- 22"-40" (size S), 33"-50" (size L)

UPS/EAN, SKU, Size and Color information

SKU Barcode (GTIN/EAN) ASIN (Amazon) Product Name
Black-L 8809534320040 B01MYOQSC6 FreeBelts Black-L
Black-S 8809534320002 B01MRMDLED FreeBelts Black-S
Beige-S 8809534320156 B07D4C16TZ FreeBelts Beige-S
Brown-L 8809534320057 B01NA84L65 FreeBelts Brown-L
Brwon-S 8809534320019 B01NB933XA FreeBelts Brwon-S
Grey-L 8809534320071 B01MYOR1Z3 FreeBelts Grey-L
Grey-S 8809534320033 B01MYOR5WV FreeBelts Grey-S
Navy-L 8809534320064 B01MTPI5VP FreeBelts Navy-L
Navy-S 8809534320026 B01NA7S7A1 FreeBelts Navy-S
[Kids] Black 8809534320149 B07D4BPJ9W FreeBelts Kids - Black
[Kids] Blue/Red 8809534320101 B075V66RK9 FreeBelts Kids - Blue/Red
[Kids] Lilac 8809534320125 B075V6L7FP FreeBelts Kids - Lilac
[Kids] Olive Green 8809534320132 B075V5JP7H FreeBelts Kids - Olive Green
[Kids] Pink 8809534320118 B075V6K47W FreeBelts Kids - Pink